Raw and Art

Let us put some less effort
In painting our flaws red and green.
Art without chaos isn’t beauty.
It is just auto checked text.

Your scars that you’re ashamed of.
Are reminiscence of you valour.
While others play calculated moves,
You created art which is raw.


Just one step forth
And the world would go numb
The silence locked in the closet
Will creep out and cover me tight.

A part of me pulls me back.
Guilt makes it stronger presence felt.
Lurking behind the shadows in darkness,
Clinging of glasses break the spell of silence.

Just one step forward. No pain, no scars,
No voices and no empty words.
One last laugh from behind the shadows.
Let them see my glass half full.

The Fire Within


The flames keeps rising high

Within the sky high fortress.

The intensity numbing.

But the walls don’t give up.

Made of breathing stones

They grow each day.


It’s an illusion

You keep seeing every time

Dazzling words. Conspired thoughts.

And you wish not to see any further.

Abandoned place that is

My heart.

An Ode to “His Life”


Grasping her hand he ran
Her face lit with moonlight.
Hopes being crushed at every step
Death inevitable.

The flock chasing two souls Engulfed in fear.
They had to get this done.
For “honour” cannot be compromised with.
Even if it demanded death.

Gunshots broke the silence of the night.
A promise was made.
“I want to live on…
And I will do that through you.”
He left her covered in red.

No one mourned for her.
“This sight will be seen
Every time you try to go
Against the rules of our God.”

People pass by, without him being noticed,
He is one with the dirt.
But he pays no heed
For he has his “His life”.

[For every life lost for inter-racial love. Your love will live on.]

The Mask


I wear black.

I look brave camouflaging my fragility.

And you know not me.

Or my soiled pieces.

Or will never know.

Masquerading is my passion,

I can be the ‘one’ I have to want to be.

And piece by piece,

I get blown away.

Or may be not.

Like a chameleon,

I forget not my true colours.

You changed me for better

IMG_3336.JPGDear ,
I have always wanted to tell you this but maybe I valued our friendship more than my feelings, maybe more than everything. You know me I am not quite good at expressing my feelings. But bottled up feelings will do me no good. Yes, I am putting about me before you. You know how some people have a strange way with people. They can make you do things without you knowing they are controlling you.and you can’t even hate them. You are one of them.
I think it’s not love people lack but respect. And you give that to none. I was blind. Not blind exactly, I was unwilling to see the reality. I lived in an Illusion and I loved it. But not its enough. Your opinion for me was truth. Your advice my order.. It was not your intention to that but somehow it happened. Human emotions are too complex to categorise them into good or bad. But I didn’t deserve that. I lost me in the process and it took months before I found back that me. But now that I have I can’t risk losing me.


As it is said from every tough situation emerges a stronger personality. But it did not happen in my case. I became a kind of guarded. I built walls so that no one could see the real me. I feared being vulnerable. So, I wore a mask. Blended myself as people wanted to. And I cried because I missed me. But I surely learnt one thing “Give only that much to a relationship you know will receive.” If you keep on giving people start to think you do that because you need them. But no, we do that because we love you.

Now that I know my weaknesses I will strive be better. I will break down those walls and show what I am not what I need to be. And if you think that’s too much you are very much welcome to leave.

 “You will find many who will catch when you fall. Find the one who will teach you to fly.”

Hope, Dreams and The New Year

Another year has passed. 365 days. People are like welcoming the new year hoping it would be different. Maybe they could land their dream job, or buy their favorite car or house. Just a change in dates makes them believe that they can achieve something big. Surely New Year doesn’t come alone it brings with its own set of dreams, aspirations and hopes.

Hope is a tricky thing. It is a word that keeps you going in the most difficult of situations. And to tell from my personal experience. “Hope” is a word that is your friend and foe at the same time. Most of you will agree with me. For the rest let me cite two examples. You are participating in a competition. You may or may not win but that doesn’t stop you from competing. Why? Because you have hope and belief that you might be the one. That’s good kind of hope.
Secondly, take for example you develop feelings for someone who is in a relationship. What do you do? Stop your feelings straight away thinking nothing can happen. You try but a part of you keeps telling “What if its possible..”. And deep within there is hope. Hope that something might happen who knows.img_2916

And again you have to know that you can’t stop hoping even if you don’t want to. Because maybe if it was possible our very meaning of life would cease to exist. So, this new year three cheers to “Hope”.

So, folks I hope that you keep hoping more and more. Just make sure its in tune with reality